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This is the site on the Internet of Memory Lane magazine dedicated to the music of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. In particular the British dance bands (e.g. Ambrose, Jack Hylton, Lew Stone),   swing bands (e.g. Ted Heath, Geraldo) and their stars (e.g. Nat Gonella, George Chisholm) and vocalists (e.g. Sam Browne, Al Bowlly). Memory Lane also covers American bands and singers of the era and related genres such as jazz and variety.

Memory Lane is now well established, having been founded in 1968 and having produced nearly 200 editions which have been sent world-wide. It is edited by Ray Pallett and published quarterly. This web site tells you all about Memory Lane, provides a selection of past articles and explains how to get it. Click on the links above and those below to explore the musical world of Memory Lane.

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Memory Lane also incorporates the Al Bowlly Circle and every edition includes features on Britain’s favourite 1930s vocalist. Click the link to “Al Bowlly” above to take you to pages all about Al including his biography and discography.

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The latest 60-page edition of Memory Lane, Winter 2016 (publication date: 8th November 2016) is pictured here. Featured in this issue are Bert Firman and his Brothers, Carroll Gibbons, Ambrose, Studio Serendipity (about Small Queen’s Hall, Petty France and Abbey Road), Larry Brennan, George Melly, Teddy Powell and Dance Bands in Glasgow. Plus our regular feature  Caught In The Web (a review of the on-line news). Additionally, there are CD and DVD reviews, readers’ letters and plenty more. As usual this issue is profusely illustrated. You can receive this issue and future editions by subscribing HERE.

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“They Called Him Al” by Ray Pallett is the new biography of Al Bowlly.

Published in May 2010, They Called Him Al, has a foreword by Roy Hudd after which the Al Bowlly story is told with much new information and many new pictures. 

This follows research over many years and the result is an updated and amplified story of Al Bowlly which makes this book the most comprehensive account of Al’s life yet. 

They Called Him Al includes:

***Full biography;

***A full alphabetical Discography    including title, accompaniment, date, where recorded, matrix & take details, label & catalogue number plus additional miscellaneous information;

***Assessment of Al’s voice and artistry;

*** review of Al in the media since his death;

***A virtual tour around Al Bowlly’s London;

***A review and listing of all Al Bowlly films; 

***Some frequently asked questions;

***The stories of the bandleaders  with whom Al

      Bowlly sung. 

Plus much more!


They Called Him Al  is a quality produced book with over 400 pages and measures 6” X 9”.

It is published in the USA by: BearManor Media, PO Box 1129  Duncan, Oklahoma 73534-1129.  See

The ISBN is: 978-1-59393-526-9.  

It is available from our On-Line Shop, Publications Department. Author-signed copies available.  

It is also currently listed on,, Barnes & Noble and other on-line sellers.  

Some previous Memory Lane covers are pictured, below.