Memory Lane Magazine - continuously published for over 50 years and still going strong

Memory Lane is a quality printed & digital magazine dedicated to the music of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, in particular the Great British Dance Bands, Swing bands, their musical stars and featured vocalists.

Ambrose, Jack Hylton, Lew Stone, Harry Roy, Ted Heath, Geraldo, Nat Gonella, George Chisholm, Al Bowlly, Sam Browne and Chick Henderson; to name just a few.

Memory Lane also covers American bands and singers of the era and related genres such as Jazz and Light Music.

Memory Lane is now well established, having been founded in 1968 and having produced over 200 editions which have been sent world-wide. It is edited by Ray Pallett and published quarterly from Leigh-on-Sea in England. This web site tells you all about Memory Lane, provides a selection of past articles and explains how to get it. Click on the links above and below to explore the musical world of Memory Lane.
A free sample copy of issue 202 can be downloaded here in PDF format. HIGH resolution & LOW resolution for slow internet connections.

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CD's & DVD's

Memory Lane also has its own record label for CD & DVD releases.

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Books Pamphlets and Lists page

They Called Him Al - The Musical Life of Al Bowlly by Ray Pallett.

A Modest Maestro - The Lew Stone Story by Tony Staveacre.

Our Latest Edition

Summer 2024, Issue 223

Memory Lane Issue 223

The latest amazing edition of Memory Lane, Summer 2024, Issue 223 (publication date: 5th May 2024) is pictured here.

Features in this issue include Ray Noble, Frances Day, Al Bowlly, Jimmy Mesene, Sydney Lipton, Lou Preager, Recalling Bert Wilcox’ Memory Lane Party Nights and the BBC “Dance Band Experiment”.

Plus our regular round-up But The Melody Lingers On.

Additionally, there are CD reviews, readers’ letters and plenty more. As usual this issue is profusely illustrated You can receive this issue and future editions by subscribing here.


We are pleased to announce that the first 12 issues of Memory Lane from the late 1960s to early 1970s have now been digitised. Each issue is available as a pdf file. They are available here.

Music Podcast

John Wright Podcast

Listen to a weekly podcast of British Dance Bands music, played on original 78rpm records.

This link will take you to John Wright's latest podcast.

Al Bowlly Circle

Al Bowlly Circle

Memory Lane also incorporates the Al Bowlly Circle. A section devoted to Al where you can buy the Al Bowlly biography, "They Called Him Al"